Touchstone’s Preschool program gives children the opportunity to learn through playful, hands-on activities in areas such as number sense, literacy, music, science, art, movement, well-being, and social responsibility.

In addition to the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning, we use a number of other resources to enhance the learning experience. Our curriculum is enriched with regular field trips to historical, cultural, and scientific sites, as well as in-class guests.

A great deal of time is spent on learning social skills through role-playing, stories, and active discussions. Our preschool lays the foundation for learning and positive peer interactions.


Our full day program for 3 and 4 year-olds is designed to promote learning throughout the day via fun activities and investigations. Children spend time in the classroom and outdoors and teachers prepare different kinds of activities that are regularly refreshed throughout the day.

We adhere to staffing regulations as determined by the province, but take pains to ensure that we hire qualified, exceptional, creative, and nurturing teachers. Lead preschool teachers all have an ECE Diploma or BEd.

Our Preschool classrooms act as a dynamic third teacher in the room. The room is organized into thematic centers including spaces for dramatic play, quiet activities, a listening station, a painting zone, a small group area, and a construction zone for blocks and other building activities. All of the materials and equipment are kid friendly and designed especially for 3-4 year olds. We also have a large open area for whole class meetings and circle time.

The Preschool schedule is highly flexible, allowing teachers to respond sensitively to cues from the children. We transition from one activity to the next as and when the children are ready.

A Typical Preschool Day

This is a snapshot of a typical day in preschool. It can vary, depending on special projects or events, weather, and class energy.

Sometimes we will spend longer or shorter on an activity than planned, depending on student interests.

We will also start activities that were not planned by teachers if students show interest in learning more about a subject or mastering a skill.

Teachers supervise free play and also guide students in games and small group activities.

Developing early literacy skills is an important component of Touchstone’s preschool philosophy and is, therefore, integrated in every subject throughout the day.

Drop-Off (7:30 AM – 8:25 AM)During this social time, teachers assist students with changing shoes, signing in and finding a table-top activity to try out.
Circle TimeAfter class clean-up, we gather at the circle for chatting, group activities, or reviewing the day’s upcoming activities
Group TimeStudents are invited to participate in small group activities with a teacher. These activities can focus on class routines, math, literacy, science, theme, or art.
Snack (generally, kids are welcome to eat snack when they feel the need)Students wash their hands, independently find snack bags, and gather at the tables. This is a time for shared conversation, listening to music or stories, and discussions on healthy eating, comparisons, etc. Often, snack time becomes circle time!
Free PlayStudents have a long stretch of time for free choice of activities in the room. Students may choose to play alone or in a group. Teachers supervise, assist, facilitate activities, guide students, and help with problem solving. Teachers may set-up special activities in the room during this time for small groups to participate in. Students finish this time with group clean-up.
MovementThis time is usually spent outdoors unless weather prohibits it. It involves free play on the play structure and open space. It sometimes involves free play with gym equipment, short group games, relay races, or obstacle courses.
11:30-12:30 Dismissal Or LunchHalf day students are dismissed, either before or after lunch (parents of half-day students can choose whether their children remain for lunch or not) Students wash their hands, independently find lunch bags, and gather at the tables.
Circle TimeWe gather at the circle for chatting, group activities, or reviewing the afternoon’s upcoming activities.
Group TimeAs above, students are invited to participate in small group activities with a teache
SnackStudents wash their hands, independently find snack bags, and gather at the tables for their afternoon snack.
Free PlayStudents have another long stretch of time in the afternoon for free choice of activities in the room.
MovementAs above, this time is usually spent outdoors unless weather prohibits it.
5:30 PMPreschool Closes

2022/23 Preschool Fees

Half Day Preschool (mornings, open 7:30am - 12:30pm)

Time Frame3 years old4 years old
Monday - Friday$155 per week$165 per week

Full Day Preschool (open 7:30am - 5:30pm)

Time Frame3 years old4 years old 
Full Time$200.00 per week$210.00 per week
Part Time (2 or 3 days) $45 per day
$48 per day
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