Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten is a full-day program for 4 year olds, five days per week, from September through June. Students learn mathematics, literacy, music, French, science, art, physical education, and social skills in a play-based, hands-on environment.

The JK day is designed to make the transition into Senior Kindergarten seamless. As the year progresses, activities are designed to extend students’ stamina. Before they leave the JK program, students transition from play-based activities to routines that are focused on the development of specific academic skills. Students are also introduced to some Kindergarten objectives, as appropriate. The program supports the development of independence and confidence and helps to prepare the children for their Senior Kindergarten year.

To be eligible for Junior Kindergarten, a child must turn 4 years old by December 31st.


If your child will be 4 by December 31st, he or she will most likely fit in perfectly in the Junior Kindergarten. The curriculum is thoughtfully tailored for the developmental needs of little ones at this age. You will see your child grow so much throughout the year! Expectations and the pacing of activities adjusts along with the children as they become more settled and independent as time goes by.

We start our day at 8:30 and finish at 3:00pm. Parents can pick children up as early as 2:30 if desired, and after school care is also available until 5:30 if needed.

The JK students are exposed to a broader range of experiences. They go on more field trips, have more interactive guest speakers, have daily French and Phys-Ed, and they are involved in the school’s three annual productions. The JK students are also exposed to an expanded curriculum that focuses on Kindergarten readiness.

The JK curriculum is designed around a September- June calendar. We encourage families to enrol in September for the best possible experience. However, in exceptional circumstances, we will consider mid-year entry if there is space in the class.