Curiosity Fair

Questions, questions, questions!

Held each June, the Curiosity Fair is a showcase of our students’ exploration of the scientific method.

Student projects take the form of an experiment, an innovation or a study.

Past student projects have included questions like:

  • How do your senses affect your balance? (Jade Lee, 2018)
  • Why do some New Brunswick birds rebuild their nests, and some don’t? (Hunter Steeves, 2018)
  • Does what you see depend on your age? (Myah Hassan, 2018)

On the day of the fair each June, we invite four working scientists from our community to come in as our Judging Panel to evaluate the students’ presentations. Parents and friends are also invited to attend. Prizes are awarded based on the judges’ recommendations in areas such as depth of research, use of scientific vocabulary and concepts, model or experiment design, and clarity of presentation.