Student Productions

Student productions allow kids to share their pursuit of learning while developing and practicing crucial communication and presentation skills, both on and off the stage.

All students, from preschool through Grade 5, participate in a series of productions each year.

These are special moments for our students to shine in front of audiences made up of family and friends.

Preschool Student Productions

The preschool classes celebrate International Morning in December. Together, they learn various facts about a country, such as what the weather is like, traditional foods, famous people and landmarks.

They learn songs and dances from the country. Parents are then invited into the classroom on International Morning to watch as their little ones share their learning.

Similarly, as part of the preschool end of year celebration, the children perform several songs they have learned for their parents and other special guests.


Elementary Student Productions

International Night

International Night is a wonderful showcase of learning focused particularly on history and geography, and art and culture.

In the younger grades, children learn about a country with their teacher and classmates.

In the older grades, the children each learn about a country they have individually chosen. Students exhibit models of landmarks they have built, give presentations, and perform songs and dances from around the world.

In addition to learning about our world, International Night provides an opportunity for the Touchstone family to gather for a multicultural celebration just before the holiday break.


Spring Musical

The musical is a wonderful example of collaborative learning. Each spring, all students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5 participate in bringing a production to the stage.

Students audition for parts and rehearse for many weeks. They design and create sets and help choreograph dances. Students work toward a common purpose and are both dependent on and accountable to one another. They rely on each other’s strengths to make the production the best it can be.

Like International Night, the musical provides opportunities to practice performing on stage. It also allows children a chance to showcase individual talents through the many different tasks and components that projects of this scale entail.


Dance Production

Touchstone students enjoy weekly dance lessons with Ms. Marcia. Students explore their creativity and body awareness, and build and strengthen their movement skills.

While an expression of art, dance is also becoming more recognized for its therapeutic benefits and its importance to the development of the whole child.

The lessons culminate in a spring performance for parents and special guests.