One Size Fits Nobody

A one-size-fits-all education just doesn’t work!

Our approach stems from the belief that learning flourishes when children are treated as individuals. We keep our classes smaller so that teachers can get to know each of their students extremely well.

In each classroom, teachers assign just-right challenges so that every student is always making progress.

Our teachers see children as individuals each possessing his or her own strengths, areas of growth, learning style, and pace. Our teachers do not base learning and instruction on age and do not teach to the group. They understand that not every 5 year old is the same.

In a Touchstone classroom, you will regularly see students working in small groups that have been designated by the teacher. Each group is working on the same skill, but at a level that is right for those particular students. Groups are dynamic and will change as students make progress at different rates.

Students who are working at a very advanced level or who need extra support to meet appropriate outcomes receive extra one-on-one attention from the teacher to ensure they are always learning.