Energized French

Our French curriculum is designed to support our students’ academic, social and physical development. We don’t teach French because it’s mandated by our province, we teach it because it has so much to offer our students!

  • Learning a second language at a young age builds confidence and improves cognitive and analytical skills
  • Learning French has an overall positive effect on a student’s intellectual potential and improves skills in a student’s first language
  • Introducing children early to French culture broadens their sense of citizenship and their life experiences, enabling relations with many people around the world.

What Happens in French Class?

Conversations, math and games, songs, rhymes, reading, and writing activities!

Themes and vocabulary are based on everyday, real life experiences and we regularly take learning beyond the classroom!

“French class” can happen making pizza at a local restaurant, socializing with middle school students, or visiting the Acadian Museum in Moncton. Real world exposure allows our students to apply what they are learning in meaningful ways.

Children graduate from Touchstone at the end of Grade 5 with a solid French language foundation that enables them to be successful in future French language programs and experiences.

What is Energized French? (Éducation Physique en Francais)

The French language follows Touchstone students from the French classroom to the soccer field, to the school yard, and into the gym! Students are immersed in French during daily Phys Ed classes.

During Phys Ed class, students make visually clear connections between new vocabulary and objects, actions, rules and instructions.

Through a variety of physical activities, students are not only learning French vocabulary relating to their environment and life experience, they are also able to put the words and verbs into action as they tumble, pass the ball, and run.