Field Trips

Touchstone Kids enjoy learning from all kinds of people and in many different places. Each class takes at least one field trip every month.

In addition, guest speakers visit the school regularly. We primarily have guest speakers that have an interactive style or workshop format as we always want our children to be actively involved.

Workshops allow kids to try activities that are beyond the scope of the everyday hands-on learning of the Touchstone curriculum.

We loved visiting the Renforth Ice Fishing village and learned all about this unique local hobby.

Bundled up for the winter weather, Touchstone kids even tried their hand at catching smelt, a small but tasty little fish, that locals catch one at a time on a small hook with a tiny piece of bait ranging from shrimp to pork fat.


Regular guests at Touchstone, the Saint John String Quartet arrive and quickly fill our building with the beautiful sound of classical orchestral music. Several months after one wonderful performance, Adrijana’s mother wrote to share the impact of the experience with us.

“I wanted to share this picture of Adrijana’s 4th violin lesson. She loves it! Ever since she heard the String Quartet play when she was in preschool she’s been non-stop asking me to take violin lessons! At first I put her off because I really thought she was too young. But the email her teacher sent us about how she was so interested and mesmerized that day was always in the back of my head. So here she is ... so focused and truly enjoying learning how to play. Thank you!”

Sometimes workshops at Touchstone are just a morning or afternoon activity, and sometimes they can be ongoing experiences. Grade 5 students enjoyed a multi-week workshop with Cyberlaunch Academy, exploring the basics of computer science, coding and 3D printing.


Each year culminates with an all school full day at Camp Glenburn on the Kingston Peninsula. Students enjoy hiking, ropes courses, the beach and other wonderful activities organized by the camp staff.