Class Composition

Class Composition


Touchstone students thrive in small multi-age learning environments.

Instead of a fixed linear path based on age, we see learning as a dynamic process that moves in different directions and at different paces for every child as each grows and discovers their strengths and interests.

In a combined grade classroom, older students have opportunities to practice and develop their leadership skills. They also have opportunities to reinforce skills and strengthen their understanding of concepts.

Younger students have opportunities to learn from and with their older classmates. At times, younger students demonstrate significant strengths and their older classmates learn from them.

Our teachers are experienced and highly skilled in planning and teaching multi-age groupings. Through one on one interactions, they continually assess each student’s’ knowledge and abilities to inform further instruction and learning.

Class sizes vary year to year depending on enrolment, and social and learning dynamics, but are typically between 12 and 16, with smaller classes for younger students, and larger classes in the upper grades.

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