Our Story

Tasha vanderLinde, wanted her four fun-loving little girls to learn in a environment that allowed them to explore their natural creativity and curiosity. A school with a robust academic curriculum, but also a place where learning would go far beyond the walls of the typical classroom.

Such a school didn’t exist in the region, but that didn’t stop Tasha. After years of planning and researching curricula and teaching methodologies, while undertaking numerous visits to schools across Canada and the United States, she was ready to launch an extraordinary school for families in the Kennebecasis Valley.

Early in the year 2000, nine families pledged their support and joined with Tasha to become the school’s Charter Families. Together, they drew up a list of objectives that would form the key touchstones of the extraordinary education the new school would provide.

Rooted in that shared commitment, the group found a name for their project: Touchstone Community School.

After seven months of searching for the right person, the group found Angela Campbell, an energetic young teacher whose passion and personal love of learning perfectly matched the Charter Families’ vision.

On Sept 6, 2000, three boys and seven girls skipped into their new classroom in the Bill McGuire Center in Rothesay to meet Ms. Angela.

The new school kept on growing. Additional teachers were hired as word spread about the exciting new school. Tasha continued to work tirelessly, becoming Ms. Tasha, the much-loved Principal of the school. In 2002, a new location on the Hampton Road provided the expanded space the school needed as it continued to thrive.

In 2013, Ms. Angela moved into the role of Principal. That same year, the school proudly launched a new name, celebrating its gradual but steady transformation from Tasha’s courageous idea to a fully fledged independent school.

Touchstone Academy is now a flourishing center of learning, confidently providing a top-notch education to children from Preschool through Grade 5.