Our Curriculum

The Three ‘R’s of Extraordinary Education

We’re known for our strong academic program but we believe that elementary education should go far beyond.

Our 3 'R's are Reach, Relatability and Readiness.

Because our teachers are focused on these innovative goals for their students, they plan activities that will take kids beyond basic memorization.

Reach - The Sky's The Limit For Learning

There is no limit to kids’ curiosity so we want to ensure that the experiences we give them stretch to meet their insatiable appetite for learning!

On a field trip to New River beach, we arranged to have marine biologists from the University of New Brunswick explore this amazing ecosystem with the kids, to provide expert answers to all their questions, like the ones that Thomas asked about the European Green Crab that he found in a rock pool.

Although Thomas is in Kindergarten, he was not too young to learn and understand why this invasive species can be found on a New Brunswick beach.


Relatability: Connecting The Curriculum To Real World Experiences

Teaching moments often occur in everyday conversations because Touchstone classrooms are fun and friendly spaces where children comfortably share stories and observations in a warm, home-like atmosphere.

In his Junior Kindergarten class, Eben created a tower from blocks and related it to something he had recently seen on a trip with his family. "Look, Ms. Kelsey, I made the CN Tower!"

This flowed beautifully into a math-rich conversation about the way simple shapes combine in the real world around us to make new shapes.

Readiness - Learning Designed For Long Term Success

A child’s development in elementary school creates a strong foundation for future academic success, career readiness, engaged citizenship and lifelong learning.

Learning should develop the abilities of the whole child – encouraging their cognitive, linguistic, social-emotional, and physical growth.

In the Learning Buddies program, older students are paired with younger students for weekly sessions. In this math activity, a Grade 3 student teaches a kindergarten student how to play a game.

Learning how to work with partners who have different abilities and skills is an essential life skill and a wonderful habit to start developing right from the start of every child’s learning journey.