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Our Science Curriculum includes:


 Topics that are engaging, relevant, and challenging, such as:

  • Cycles in Nature
  • Insects
  • Human body
  • Magnetism
  • Simple Machines
  • Science Biographies
  • Animal Classification
  • Chemistry

Topics vary from year to year, but are predominantly drawn from the Core Knowledge SequenceSome topics are selected by teachers, while others are inspired by students’ interests.

Science matters to us because:

The introduction of fundamental scientific principles provides students with a framework for exploring and understanding the world around them. The development of these skills, attitudes, and ways of thinking will guide and enhance their learning throughout their lives.

science-2Science lessons include:

  • Asking questions
  • Making observations
  • Generating and testing hypotheses
  • Experiments and hands-on activities
  • Field trips and guest speakers

Our teachers say:

“One of the first things I noticed when I started teaching science at Touchstone is that the students learned for the joy of it! They asked questions because they were curious, not because it was going to be on a test.”