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Music and Art

Our Music Curriculum includes:

  • Music Theory
  • Elements of Music
  • Music History
  • Performance Skills
  • Music Appreciation

Music matters to us because:

Music stimulates brain connections, relieves stress, encourages creativity, and most importantly, making music is FUN and feels good!

Our Music lessons include:

Touchstone students learn music by doing! Using their senses helps them to learn effectively.

  • critical listening, discussing or writing about what they heard
  • rhythm games using body percussion and instruments
  • music reading and writing exercises
  • movement activities

Ms Deantha says:

I feel so fortunate to share my passion for music with the talented students at Touchstone, where creativity and personal expression are the norm.


Art at Touchstone Academy

Kandinsky's Circles

The Grade ones and twos worked very hard to create Kandinsky-inspired circles!

We teach art at Touchstone because we believe in educating the whole child.  Art provides an opportunity to think in different ways and to explore creativity and imagination.  Our goal is to develop an appreciation for artistic expression  to prepare the way for life-long participation in visual arts.

Our students learn about works of art, artists, and artistic concepts.  They experiment with different media and techniques.  Art is also integrated with other subjects to deepen understanding and create richer learning.