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Our Math curriculum includes:

  • Number sense
  • Patterns and relations
  • Graphing and data analyses
  • Shape and space
  • Measurement 

Math matters to us because:

  • Math is the international language that every person needs to solve everyday problems
  • Math develops other ways of thinking – critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, understanding
  • By focusing on the process, math builds logic and reasoning skills and leads to deep understanding of real world problems.

Our Math lessons include:

  • “Hands on, Minds on” – using objects to construct understanding
  • Asking great questions as well as finding answers
  • Math stations that allow children to move around to explore and discover
  • Connecting math problems to real-life applications and projects
  • Independent work, groups projects and one-on-one time with the teacher

We assess student progress using:

  • One-on-one conversations with the teacher
  • Observation and anecdotal notes
  • Math profiles
  • Math tests
  • Daily reviews
  • Projects and journals

Our teachers say:

“In my classroom, math is never boring!  As the teacher, I never know what direction the kids will take with math problems and projects. It takes careful planning to ensure lessons will meet the learning needs of each student, but there is nothing more exciting than the light that suddenly switches on in a child’s eyes when they discover a new connection or come up with a way to solve a problem.”