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Our Literacy curriculum includes:

A selection of programs targeted at the development of reading, writing, spelling, handwriting and technology skills.

Sample of the programs we useschool-12

  • ABC Boom
  • Jolly Phonics
  • Daily Five
  • CAFÉ
  • 6 + 1 Traits of Writing
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Words Their Way

Literacy matters to us because:

Literacy skills form the basis for ALL other learning.  We want to equip our students with the reading and writing strategies they will need to succeed throughout their school years and beyond.

Our Literacy lessons include:

Many different things can happen during literacy time. Our teachers are dedicated to matching their students’ personal interests to the strategies they need to learn.

  • Teachers combine whole class lessons with small group work and individual instruction.
  • Teachers read books out loud to the class and we also regularly invite local authors to visit.
  • Students read books, plays, comics, webpages, and many other kinds of texts
  • Students research, prepare and give class presentations, often linked to our science and history curriculum.
  • “Buddy reading:” pairing an older student with a younger one to share a book together.

Our teachers say:

Slaying a dragon, meeting a magic genie, winning the Stanley Cup, emailing an alien from outer space  – anything is possible during literacy lessons at Touchstone. As teachers, we deliver the curriculum through a number of excellent programs, but our students exercise independence and choice as they learn and achieve individualized learning goals.


Snapshot View:

The Green Class experienced “full circle” learning in literacy. Ms Kati chose a novel written by a local author, Robert Raynor, to read aloud to the students. The whole class fell in love with the story and begged Kati to continue reading books from the series to them. When the class finished listening to the second book, the students decided to dress up as all of the characters from the series at our school literacy celebration.

Next, we surprised each student in the class with their very own copy of the third novel in the series. After reading each chapter, students completed mini projects, including alternate endings, reader’s theatres, short films and much more. The full circle learning concluded with a visit from the author! He spent the morning completing writing activities with the class, singing songs with the students about his characters, reading to the class, and listening to excerpts of the students’ work that they presented to him.  This unit was exciting, motivating, and inspirational for these students, deeply engaging them in their literacy learning.