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How We TeachiPad Lab

Our teaching methods stem from three fundamental principles:

  • Children need meaningful and engaging learning activities
  • Each child learns at his or her own pace
  • Each child needs to be taught in ways that he or she learns best

These principles shape our all of our decisions, including how we place children in classroom groups each year, how we cater to different learning styles, and the lessons and activities we use in each area of the curriculum.

Teaching Methods

Our teachers employ a balanced and active approach to learning which keeps our students engaged, connected, and curious.

  • Hands-on Activities – Students become active participants in their learning when they can engage their senses. For example, students know what 100, 1000 and even 1,000,000 look and feel like through playing with base-ten blocks and a Million Wall, they role-play actions to learn French vocabulary and mix materials to create chemical reactions.
  • Touchstone Academy Field TripField Trips and Guest Speakers – Learning extends beyond the classroom walls and into the community.  We host guest speakers regularly and each class goes out on a field trip once per month.  From the sturgeon farm to tugboats to the cardiac unit at the hospital – our students acquire real-world learning through meaningful experiences.
  • Projects – Project work allows for authentic investigation that leads to deep understanding.   Students choose projects based on their own interests and questions, and learn to make decisions about how they will find answers, solve problems, and present their findings.
  • One on One – Frequently meeting individually with students allows teachers to offer tailored instruction and assessment.  This time is invaluable for the creation and implementation of each student’s individualized education plan.fall pic

Click here to learn about how we assess student progress.
View sample Progress Report for Junior Kindergarden or Grade 3 to 5.

Teacher Testimonial

I love coming to work each and every day because Touchstone is what teaching and learning is supposed to be. When I dreamt of being a teacher, I dreamt about being outside, making things blow up, laughing and dancing with my students, and being supported and trusted to do my best for the students in my class. At Touchstone, I get to be the teacher I always wanted to be.