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How Parents Help

At Touchstone Academy, we believe that extraordinary learning happens when teachers, students and parents form a strong partnership. What does this partnership look like?

  • Touchstone staff keep parents well-informed, so that parents can have interesting and meaningful conversations with their kids about what they are learning.
  • Teachers are accessible to parents every day and make time to meet with parents whenever it is needed.
  • Parents exhibit a positive attitude about learning and their actions demonstrate how much they value their child’s education. At Touchstone, these actions can include:
    • Guest speaker: Parents are welcome to come into their child’s class with presentations or activities that showcase their occupation or hobbies (optional)
    • Attending field trips (optional)
    • Serving on school committees. Committees keep various operations of the school running smoothly.  (We ask each family to serve on one committee. A list of our parent committees is here.)
    • Supporting fundraising events and campaigns

With these actions, parents become first-hand participants in their children’s education. We have found that kids love sharing their school experiences with their moms and dads. Working together, students, parents, and teachers make extraordinary education a shared achievement.