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Admission Policy

The decision whether to accept an applicant is made by the school and is final. The reasons for our decision are confidential, in order to maintain uninhibited input from references, interviewers, and observers used in the application process.

It is essential that applicants’ parents understand the school’s mission statement and objectives, as well as the fact that Touchstone Academy is a partnership among teachers, students, and parents. Ongoing parental involvement in Touchstone Academy is a crucial and necessary prerequisite for carrying out the mission and objectives of the school. The apparent willingness of parents to contribute to Touchstone’s ongoing efforts in a meaningful manner is an intended component of the evaluation process. We are looking for families with whom we can communicate in an atmosphere of trust and shared responsibility.

Note: If after acceptance it becomes clear that Touchstone Academy is not a suitable environment for a student, or if the student or his or her parents are not supportive of the program, it is the school’s obligation to advise the parents to remove their child from the school. The school reserves the right to do this at any time.

Overall, the admissions process is designed to ensure the applicant is placed in an environment in which he or she can succeed, both academically and socially. The admissions process is meant to be a positive experience for the applicant and his or her parents. Regardless of the outcome, we hope the experience will have been informative and enjoyable.


Siblings of students attending Touchstone Academy must meet the same admissions criteria as non-siblings.

Notification of Admissions Decisions

Parents are notified of admissions decisions after all steps of the admissions process are complete. We maintain waiting lists for classes that are full, and notify the parents if an opening occurs for their child.

Acceptance Policy

Note: This policy guides our admissions selection process when the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available.

All applicants who apply by January 31st are included in the first round of the admissions process (i.e., first come, first considered). Every child and family goes through an evaluation process to ensure that the applicant is ready for a full day of school and that the parents understand and are committed to Touchstone’s philosophy. In addition, preschool teachers are called for an objective evaluation. The preschool teacher’s evaluation is to determine the applicant’s readiness for a full day of school – not to determine whether the child knows his or her letters, etc.

All applicants who are deemed ready and committed are selected in the following order:

  1. Siblings of current Touchstone students
  2. Children of Touchstone faculty
  3. All other applicants (these applicants will be selected by lottery, ensuring a gender balance)

Those who apply after January 31st enter a second round of the admissions process and go through the same process as outlined above, provided there are still spaces available.

Early Withdrawal Policy

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