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The goal of our program is to provide a welcoming and supportive learning environment for international students at the elementary school level. At Touchstone, international students will improve their English language competency and develop strong academic skills in preparation for middle and high school, while experiencing Canadian culture and the North American lifestyle.

We value diversity and our program emphasizes cross-cultural learning. We incorporate activities that allow our international students to “be the teachers.” Our Canadian students will learn from their international classmates about the countries and cultures that they come from. In this way, our International Student Program helps us to bring experiences from around the world into our classrooms, expanding the horizons of all our students.

international student photoWe offer international students two options:

  1. Full International Student program
  2. Experience Canada



Full International Student Program

International students participate fully in school life and classroom activities. After school sessions with an ESL tutor are provided to support students’ English language competency. Families should bear in mind that we expect a parent or custodian to be involved in school life and in supporting each student’s learning, as outlined in our Parent Handbook. Where possible, we prefer students to be living with at least one parent or a close relative.

  • If needed, students will participate in an intensive ESL Workshop during the first two weeks of school.
  • Additional individual ESL tutoring can be arranged for an extra charge.

Application Process: Application forms and fee must be submitted by March 1st. This will be followed by an interview with the Principal and a member of the school Board of Directors. A Skype interview can be arranged instead of a face-to-face meeting when necessary.

We will also conduct an assessment of each student’s English language competency in order to determine how much ESL support will be necessary for the student to succeed and learn in our classrooms.

Upon receipt of an acceptance letter, families will be required to submit a 25% tuition deposit payment to reserve their child’s space. The remaining 75% must either be paid in full by April 1st, or can be divided into 2 equal payments to be made on April 1 and October 1st.

2018/2019 Academic Year Fees:

Application Fee: $150


  • $17,600 (deposit to be paid within 30 days of acceptance, remainder to be paid in full by April 1st)


  • $18,600 Tuition (deposit to be paid within 30 days of acceptance; 2 equal payments due April 1st and October 1st)

Intensive ESL Workshop: $1000 (if required, due with first tuition payment)

Extra Fee: $400 (due with tuition payment)

Experience Canada

Over a period of 4 months, students are fully immersed in all aspects of school life. Regular guest speakers at the school and monthly field trips allow students a broad experience of Canadian culture and local community activities. An ESL tutor will work them in after-school sessions on English-language competency. If required, an intensive ESL Workshop will be provided at the beginning of the year for students with limited English language comprehension.

The Experience Canada Program may be used as a trial period for enrollment in our Full International Student Program.


September 1st – December 19th or January 5th – May 9th (including  one week break in March)

 Application Process: Application forms and fee must be submitted at least 12 weeks before the program commences. A Skype interview and English competency assessment will be important aspects of admission, in order to ensure that each student will succeed a
nd learn from the experience. Upon receipt of an acceptance letter, families must pay a 25% tuition deposit within 14 days to reserve their child’s space. The remainder of the tuition is due in full 6 weeks before the program commences.


Application fee: $150

Tuition: $9300 (deposit due upon acceptance; remainder due 6 weeks before program begins)

Intensive ESL Workshop: $1000 (If required, due with first tuition payment)

Extra Fee: $200 (covers technology, school supplies, all-school lunches and field trips)

Due with first tuition payment.

All Programs:

Sibling discounts are available as per Touchstone’s current policy. All families will be required to sign our Tuition Acceptance Agreement form. Mid-year entry is possible and fees will accord with our Pro-rated Tuition Schedule.