Touchstone Academy

Experience Extraordinary Education

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Our Community

The Touchstone learning environment is rooted in partnership. We believe that extraordinary education happens when we are all working together.

Our Staff

A fun and creative bunch, our dedicated faculty and staff make every day an extraordinary experience for the kids at Touchstone Academy.

  • Angela Prosser, Principal
  • Candy Poirier, Teacher (Preschool)
  • Amy Turple, Teacher (Preschool)
  • Chelsea Ferris, Teacher (French, Phys Ed and Preschool)
  • Stacey Andersson, Teacher (Preschool)
  • Elspeth Adams, Teacher (Preschool)
  • Cindy Gowan, Teacher
  • Marcia Dysart, Teacher
  • Sarah White, Teacher
  • Aisha Kindred, Teacher
  • Deantha Edmunds-Ramsay, Teacher (Music)
  • Katie Hunter, Teacher
  • Julie Atkinson, Marketing and Admissions Officer
  • Christina Keirstead, Office Manager and Accountant and Preschool Teacher

Our Students

 Parents help us with special activities, like apple pie baking! Yum!

Parents help us with special activities, like apple pie baking! Yum!

At Touchstone, students are actively involved in their learning.  This year, we have over 100 students enrolled in our Preschool, Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and Grades 1 through 5. Each student brings a unique set of interests and talents to the school.

Our Families 

Families are an integral part of the learning experience at Touchstone. Our families come from many different backgrounds, but they all share our passion and dedication to extraordinary education. Parents contribute in many different ways.

Parent support Ansar

Myah’s dad visits Touchstone to teach us about surgery

Our Alumni

More than 100 children have graduated from Touchstone since our first graduation ceremony in 2005. We are always sad to say goodbye, but we know that they carry a robust love of learning with them into their middle schools and beyond, and we love hearing about how they continue to blossom!

Our Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors are elected and appointed by the Parent Body.  The Directors actively support and promote the school’s mission, vision, strategic goals, and policy positions.

2017-18 Directors:

  • Troy Little (Chair, Parent)
  • Candace Davis (Treasurer, Parent)
  • Robert Hayes (Parent)
  • Andrew Young (Parent)
  • Sean Moore (Parent)
  • Kate Briggs (Parent)
  • Karin Frazer (Past Parent)
  • Tasha vanderLinde (Founder)
  • Angela Prosser (Principal)
  • Steve Carson (Community Member)