Touchstone Academy

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  • We recognize each learner as an individual, possessing different needs and unique gifts.

  • We maintain strong, healthy relationships between staff, students and parents.

  • We pursue academic excellence across a broad and challenging curriculum.

  • We employ creative teaching methods to ensure that everyone is learning.

  • We encourage students to learn actively, inside and outside the classroom, in the natural world and in the wider community.

  • We respect and nurture the development of curiosity, critical thinking, self-discipline and self-worth.

Touchstone Academy

You want your children to achieve their potential. You want them to learn in a caring environment where teachers understand their unique talents and needs. You want your children to be active, not stuck behind desks all day long. Most of all, you want your children to stay curious and to always love learning!

You want an Extraordinary Education for your children.

You are going to love Touchstone!

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